Curt Moses - Gumshornsgatan 6

Curt Moses was a German Jew who was born in 1886 in the German city of Breslau. The city is now named Wrocław and is part of Poland. Curt Moses lived in Sweden in the early 1930’s with his sister and brother-in-law at Gumshornsgatan 6. He applied for a residence permit which was turned down in 1936.

At the end of May 1937, Curt Moses was forced to leave the country. He travelled to Denmark and Norway and twice tried to enter Sweden during 1938. His brother-in-law, engineer Emanuel Bengtsson, did all he could to help him remain in Sweden, including repeated appeals to the King of Sweden.

Curt Moses was finally granted a residence permit in Latvia in September 1938. He lived for a time in Riga and was likely killed there in July 1941, during the German occupation.