The Per Anger Prize to human rights defenders

The Per Anger Prize is an international prize, established in 2004 by the Swedish Government to promote initiatives supporting human rights and democracy. The Government has commissioned the Living History Forum to manage the nominations, appoint a jury and organise all the various aspects of the prize.

The prize is named after Per Anger who, as secretary of the Swedish legation in Budapest, initiated Sweden’s work to save as many Jews as possible from persecution and death during the Second World War in Nazi-occupied Hungary. On December 7 2013 he would have turned 100. Watch the film about his life

The nomination organisations are Afrikagrupperna, Amnesty International, Civil Rights DefendersDiakoniaThe Kvinna till Kvinna foundationIM - Swedish Development PartnerSave the ChildrenWe Effect and the Church of Sweden.

The jury is comprised of Carl-Magnus Nesser (Legal Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Johan von Schreeb (Associate Professor, Specialist in General Surgery and Disaster medicine), Hewan Temesghen (Head of Fair Trade Sweden), Nils Anderfelt (grandson to Per Anger) and Petra Mårselius (director of Living History Forum).

In previous years the prize was awarded to Archbishop Gennaro Verolino (2004), Arsen Sakalov (2005), Aliaksandr Bialitski (2006), Organización Femenina Popular (2007), Bishop Sebastian Bakare (2008), Brahim Dahane (2009), Elena Urlaeva (2010), Narges Mohammadi (2011), Sapiyat Magamedova (2012), Justine Ijeomah (2013), Rita Mahato (2014), Islena Rey Rodríguez (2015), Abdullah al-Khateeb (2016), Gégé Katana Bukuru (2017), Teodora del Carmen Vásquez (2018), Najwa Alimi (2019) and Intisar Al-Amyal (2020).