About us

The Living History Forum is a public agency operating under the Ministry of Culture.

Our purpose is to strengthen the resilience of democracy and human initiative – with historical knowledge as our most important tool.

Our mission is to be a national forum encouraging efforts to promote democracy, tolerance, and human rights, using the Holocaust as our starting point.

The organisation has a specific mission to raise awareness about the Holocaust and about crimes against humanity committed by Communist regimes, as well as to strengthen the public will to work actively for equality between all people.

Our operations are conducted with an emphasis on knowledge, culture, and in-service training. We develop pedagogic material for teachers and students in elementary school, secondary school, and other types of education. We put together exhibitions, in-service training courses, and reports. We arrange seminars and talks, and cooperate with scientists, government agencies, and organisations from civil society.

The Living History Forum was established in 2003. The story behind its founding is that Sweden in the year 2000 signed on to the Stockholm Declaration. This document was adopted by 51 nations that participated in a conference in Stockholm earlier that year. According to the declaration, the signatories should support memorial events, education, and studies associated with the Holocaust.