27 January - Holocaust rememberence day

Holocaust Memorial Day 2014 in Sweden

All around the country of Sweden the day of the liberation of Auschwitz, the 27th of January, is commemorated. In several places around the country manifestations, seminars, educational projects, and commemoration events are arranged. The Living History Forum has a central role, as it has had for many years, in different ways stimulating and assisting the different organizers. Every year the Forum provide those who seeks a specific content of the arrangement with a theme for the memorial day and presents appropriate back ground material for it on the webb.

The theme of 2014 Memorial Day

The theme of this year’s memorial day is the fate of the Romani people during the time of the Holocaust. This year 70 years has passed since the Zigeuner Nacht in Auschwitz. This was the night when all the still alive Romani imprisoned in this part of the concentrations camp were killed. The Living History Forum has decided to dedicate this year’s memorial day to the commemoration of the Romani people, an almost forgotten victim group of the Nazi terror and persecutions.


The Living History Forum has produced an exhibition focusing on the Romani people during the time of the Holocaust. On the 27th of January this exhibition will be on view in Stockholm as well as in the cities of Karlstad, Borås, Västerås, Luleå och Göteborg. In Stockholm it is shown in the center of Stockholm on the Raoul Wallenberg square in connection with the annual official commemoration ceremony arranged on the 27th of January.


In the city of Umeå, which has been appointed European Capital of Culture 2014, the Living History Forum, in partnership with the municipality of Umeå, has produced a specific program for all students of the ninth grade, during which the Holocaust Memorial Day will be in focus. Through films and different workshops with the Holocaust as its starting point, the students will work with issues related to the equal value of each and every human being, awareness of the importance of democracy and tolerance.

27 January - Holocaust rememberence day

On 27 January 1945 Auschwitz, perhaps the most notorious of the Nazi concentration camps and extermination centres, was liberated. The world was then able to see what 12 years of Nazi rule had created. January 27 has been a national remembrance day in Sweden since 1999 and in 2005 the UN declared that date to be the international day of remembrance for victims of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Remembrance Day honours the victims and the people of the resistance. Remembrance ceremonies, cultural programmes, lectures, seminars, theme days at schools, torchlight processions, public manifestations and evidence from survivors are arranged throughout of Sweden.

The role of The Living History Forum is to inspire and co-ordinate initiatives for 27 january. Every year we suggest suitable school projects that can be carried out in connection with this remembrance day.