27 January - Holocaust rememberence day

Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 in Sweden

One mission of the Living History Forum is to promote remembrance of the Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th of January. Since the main target group is teachers, the Forum publishes ideas on how to work educationally with this Memorial Day according to a special chosen theme for each year. For 2015 the theme is “70 Years since the Liberation” within which testimonies of survivors will be highlighted, telling stories about life before, during and after the Holocaust.


An exhibition where these testimonies are displayed can be easily accessed and downloaded in different formats through the web site of the Forum.  Every year the Forum invites and encourages schools and other institutions around the country, to publish their programmes for the Memorial Day on the web site of the Forum. Several such institutions usually respond to this invitation.

Educational materials

Furthermore the website of the Forum offers a range of teaching ideas and educational materials suitable for the Memorial Day, including materials about the Holocaust as well as other genocides. It also includes materials about the UN Genocide Convention.

Memorial ceremony

In addition to this, the Forum is in charge of a memorial ceremony in the centre of Stockholm each year on the 27th of January. The ceremony includes candle lighting and representatives of the government and the royal family are normally present. For the 2015 ceremony, the Swedish Prime Minister is listed among the speakers.

27 January - Holocaust rememberence day

On 27 January 1945 Auschwitz, perhaps the most notorious of the Nazi concentration camps and extermination centres, was liberated. The world was then able to see what 12 years of Nazi rule had created. January 27 has been a national remembrance day in Sweden since 1999 and in 2005 the UN declared that date to be the international day of remembrance for victims of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Remembrance Day honours the victims and the people of the resistance. Remembrance ceremonies, cultural programmes, lectures, seminars, theme days at schools, torchlight processions, public manifestations and evidence from survivors are arranged throughout of Sweden.

The role of The Living History Forum is to inspire and co-ordinate initiatives for 27 january. Every year we suggest suitable school projects that can be carried out in connection with this remembrance day.