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Mission: Democracy

Mission: Democracy consists of workshops covering democracy, tolerance and human rights. Using historic events and personal accounts as their starting point, the students are encouraged to discuss and reflect on current social issues.

Egyptier filmar firandet av president Hosni Mubaraks avgång med sina mobiltelefoner på Tahrir-torget i Kairo, 12 februari 2011. Mubarak avgick till följd av de omfattande demonstrationerna för demokrati i Egypten. (Bildkälla: Scanpix, foto: AFP Photo/Mohammed Abed)

Who is it for?

Mission: Democracy has been designed to work on a general level as well as for subject teaching (geared primarily towards social science and history). For Year 9 and Secondary Schools.


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Clasroom workshops

Here you can find classroom workshops in three different themes.

Theme: Democracy

Focuses on the democratic principles in a historic and a contemporary context. Discussions around subjects such as the right to vote, xenophobia and nationalism.

Bilden visar större mängd människor på en väg, där Dorothy Counts är en av tre personer som är främst.

Dorothy Counts, en av de första svarta eleverna i delstaten som tilläts gå på High School, North Carolina 1957. (Bildkälla: Scanpix. Foto: AP Photo)

Theme: Tolerance

Focuses on social issues of tolerance and intolerance, historically and today. Discussions around values, norms and group pressure. Deals with the role of the bystander, racism, love and xenophobia. Examines attitudes and prejudice, identity and responsibility.

A historic photograph depicting Austrian Jews who were forced to scrub a street by hand. This is a staged public humiliation in front of an audience of perpetrators and bystanders. Photo: USHMM

Theme: Human rights

Focuses on the importance of the human rights, historically and at present. Discussions around contradictory elements of some rights and the inviolability of the rights.

Växjö, April 15 1985. The communist party had gathered for a meeting and members of the right wing extremist party, NRp, had permission to proceed with a counter-demonstration. Locals got upset by this decision and many people gathered to show their dislike of the Nazis. Photo: Hans Runesson

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