Reports and Surveys

The Living History Forum is commissioned by the government to be national wide center for promoting democracy, tolerance and human rights using the Holocaust and other crimes against humanity as its starting point. The core mission of this governmental agency is to promote people's will to strive for a society equal for all. This task is linked to the mission of education and information. The Living History Forum is not commissioned to conduct research. However surveys on attitudes in society is implemented by this governmental agency. Having an understanding of why people are intolerant, the form it takes and how geographically widespread it is, is crucial to finding ways of combating such attitudes.

The Living History Forum works closely with scholars who research into areas such as racism, antisemitism, antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination and Islamophobia in Swedish society. The agency also publishes other types of reports based on various types of surveys. One example is a report on the experiences of teachers and their attitudes to teaching about the Holocaust.

Below you can find some of our reports and surveys translated into English.