Efforts against racism

Racism concerns us all. There are many who testify to how widespread racism is in society. But what exactly is racism, and how can we increase respect for equality between all people? Through knowledge and awareness, we strive to strengthen society’s ability to prevent and counteract racism. We want to inspire conversations about racism in schools and at work, but also between government agencies and other societal actors.

We offer pedagogic resources, educational texts, reports, podcasts, and films relating to racism. We also arrange seminars, live events, conferences, and in-service training.

The Living History Forum is tasked with coordinating the Swedish government’s national agenda against racism and to train school personnel and public servants at, for example, the National Insurance Office, police, and social services regarding racism throughout history and today.

The Living History Forum offers:

  • Classroom materials about racism for lower and upper secondary school
  • Seminars and in-service training about racism for school staff
  • Online in-service training for public servants about racism, focused on equal treatment
  • Basic in-service training for public service workers regarding racism
  • Online course on how pre-schools and schools can counteract racism
  • Guidance and skills development for Swedish Dembra schools. Dembra is a programme for schools to prevent racism, group-based hostility and antidemocratic attitudes 

The Living History Forum also heads the network of state agencies that work against racism, other similar forms of hostility and hate crimes. The purpose of the network is to function as a platform for skills development and experience sharing among state agencies. The network is open for all Swedish state agencies.

Films that raise questions of racism

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