Hans Eduard Szybilski - Apelbergsgatan 36

Hans Eduard Szybilski was a German Jew, born 1907 in Elberfeld, Germany. He lived in Sweden twice between 1936 and 1938. During one of these extended stays, he lived at Apelbergsgatan 36 in Stockholm. He applied for a residence permit several times. In his application, Hans Szybilski specified that he risked prosecution for “race defilement” because he had been engaged to a non-Jewish woman.

During a short time, Hans Szybilski enjoyed a Swedish residence permit, but was forced to leave the country before January 1, 1939. He was then granted a residence permit in Finland, but was denied entry back into Sweden in June of 1939. Shortly thereafter, he was detained in Finland on false grounds of being a spy.

Hans Szybilski was extradited to Germany by Finnish authorities in November of 1942. In February of the following year, he was deported from Berlin to Auschwitz, where he was murdered.