Erich Holewa - Kungsholmstorg 6

Erich Holewa was a German Jew, born in 1896 in Berlin. One of his brothers moved to Stockholm in the 1930’s and Erich Holewa applied for a residence permit in August, 1938. He then lived with his brother and his family at Kungsholmstorg 6 in Stockholm. Erich Holewa also tried to secure a permit allowing his wife Lotte and their son Peter to come to Sweden.

Erich Holewa’s application was denied and he was forced to leave Sweden in September of 1938. He re-applied for a Swedish entry permit shortly thereafter, first from Germany and later from Belgium. In May 1940, Erich Holewa and his son Peter were arrested on the street in the Belgian city of Antwerp when the Germans invaded. They were taken to a concentration camp called Camp de Noé in southern France. Peter died in the camp.

In August 1942, Erich Holewa was deported to Auschwitz where he was murdered. That same month his wife Lotte was also deported to Auschwitz, from a camp in Belgium.