Exhibition: Not the End. Artists interpret the Holocaust.

Crochet works, paintings and sculptures. Romani, Sami and Jewish from different generations and countries. The Holocaust has been depicted in art ever since it took place, and is still something artists return to. But how does the legacy of the Holocaust affect art, and how are we influenced by art concerning the Holocaust?

The Living History Forum presents the exhibition “Not the End” in the summer of 2019. In the exhibition, 16 artists, from widely different backgrounds, are united in an artistic representation of the memory of what actually was the end for millions of people. Several of them have personal experiences of living in the proximity or in the shadow of the Holocaust. How has their artistry borne the imprint of this experience? The exhibition shows the complexity and diversity in the artistic expression and experience of bearing a story that can belong to both one's own and the whole world.

Sandra Weil & Bertil Bäckström

Oded Balilty - Israel, Miroslaw Balka - Poland, Dick Bengtsson - Sweden, Ceija Stojka - Austria, Eduard Freudmann – Austria, Willy Gordon- Sweden, Erez Israeli – Israel, Vardi Kahana - Israel, Britta Marakatt-Labba - Sweden, Dina Shenhav – Israel, Jadwiga Simon-Pietkiewicz – Poland, Maria Sundström - Sweden, Hadas Tapouchi - Israel, Gil Yefman - Israel, Dana Yoeli - Israel

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