Exhibition: Lenke Rothman - "Mending a broken world"

Lenke Rothman’s art is in focus when the Forum for Living
History opens its exhibition “Mending a broken world” in collaboration with Sörmland
Museum on June 14.

Lenke Rothman survived three concentration camps, and
came to Sweden in 1945 when 16 years-old. It’s the first
time in ten years that her work has been shown in Sweden.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 12.00–17.00 
Saturday: 12.00–16.00 
Sunday: closed

Guided tours are provided on Wednesdays July 4 to August 15, with
presentations at 2 pm in Swedish and 3 pm in English.

The exhibition will take place between 14 June and 1 September 2018.

To visit our exhibitions is free of charge