Racism and Intolerance

In early 2015, the Swedish government commissioned the Living History Forum to embark on a three year project dealing with Racism and intolerance. The project aim is to contribute to the building and maintenance of a society characterized by respect for every person’s equal value, but also to promote democratic values in general. The project is expected to be carried out in collaboration with the Swedish National Agency for Education. The project results should be disseminated in ways that primarily benefit students in elementary and high school.

The project commenced in 2015 and it should be completed by the end of 2017. A final report is to be presented by 10th March 2018.

To fulfil these project targets the Living History Forum will:

  • Perform research inventories, with the goal to get an overview of the Swedish and international research on Racism as well as investigate the different ways the concept of Racism is understood.
  • Gather information on the current public debate on the issues, in order to register and analyse trends and different standpoints.
  • Initiate educational initiatives to raise awareness, develop knowledge of the issues and to present digital teaching tools and methods. Throughout the project, further training for teachers, principals and other relevant professions within elementary and high schools will be conducted in cooperation with universities and university colleges, as well as through regional conferences in cooperation with the Swedish National Agency for Education.