(In)Human is an exhibition that deals with race biology, racial hygiene, and Swedish connections to this during early 20th century.

A lot of things happened in Sweden during the 20th century. New inventions appeared, such as the car, radio and the aeroplane. People talked a lot about the new, modern society. The new, modern age also brought democracy. For example, as from 1921 all Swedes were able to vote in elections.

But which people should be allowed to be a part of the new, modern age? Some scientists began examining people and pondering our characteristics and which characteristics were hereditary. They began asking themselves which people were superior and which people were inferior.

This didn’t happen very long ago. How do we think nowadays? How do we grade each other nowadays?

The Exhibition is a cooperation between The Living History Forum, The Museum of Ethnography and Swedish Travelling Exhibitions.

In addition to the exhibition we will produce learning materials and introduce a film project for schools.

The learning materials is about the history of racial biology in Sweden, defining, explaining and discussing difficult concepts such as racial biology and eugenics. We will also provide suggestions for lesson plans.

In the film project “What do you mean, normal?”, young people get to create their own digital stories based on personal experiences of concepts such as normality.