Exhibition: The White buses - Photographs by KW Gullers

Throughout the post-war era, the White Buses has been described as a successful and humanitarian aid operation, to rescue ex-prisoners from Nazi Germany's concentration camps.

It wasn't until around the year 2000 that the image of the White buses began to be questioned. In several high-profile radio programs, articles and books, a more complex picture of the White Buses emerged. How representative are KW Guller's photographs of the rescued? And how representative are the White buses for Sweden's role during the Holocaust?

This is an exhibition of KW Gullers photographs from 1945, together with analytical texts on the topic.

Opens at the Living History Forum on September 22. Guided tours in English every Saturday at 3.15 pm.

Free admission.


Visiting address: Stora Nygatan 10, Old Town, Stockholm

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 12-17, Saturday: 12-16, Sunday: Closed