Exhibition: It is called Freedom of Speech

It is called freedom of speech. And you probably take it for granted.

Democracy is built on a foundation of conversation, open debate and the ability to listen even when you don’t like what is being said. When we are free to say what we want, it’s easy to take it for granted. But freedom of speech is not a fixed entity. It is the result of a long struggle and it must be upheld and defended again and again. This is something we can learn from history, as well as to be alert for warning signs that need to be taken seriously.

This exhibition is about the importance of letting more than one person speak, but also about the limits to free speech and the difficulties that come with it.


The exibition is closed at the moment due to the corona pandenic

Introduction to the exhibition in English every Saturday att 3 pm. Free admission!

Visiting address: Stora Nygatan 10, Old Town, Stockholm

Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 12-17, Saturday: 12-16, Sunday: Closed