Crimes against humanity during communist regimes

The Living History Forum is commissioned to inform the public about crimes against humanity during communist regimes. We focus on those crimes against humanity that were committed during the communist regimes in the Soviet Union, China and Cambodia during the period 1917 – 1989.

From Dream to Terror - Film for the classroom

From Dream to Terror is a film series of 16 short freestanding episodes, covering everything from the forced labour camps of the Gulag to the propaganda machinery of the communist regimes. Each episode comes with a set of exercises that the students can work on after having watched the film. The exercises have been designed to accentuate the link between history and today.

The aim is to increase knowledge of the crimes committed and to give a relevant perspective to the present.

Crimes against humanity during communist regimes - Research review

We have published a comprehensible overview of the international research on the subject. This publication is based on the work of two leading Swedish experts in this field. In order to show how common citizens were affected by these crimes, the fate of individuals has been given a central role in the material compiled for schools.

Download the full Research review