Exhibition: Propaganda - Beware!

In today's society we are all flooded with information, and there are many who want to influence our thoughts and behaviors. Access to information gives great democratic opportunities, but also imposes demands on our ability to think critically.

This exhibition shows how the idea of ​​"the good society" was given prominence in the propaganda of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 40s. It is also about the media society, what controls the media flow, and how susceptible we are to influence.

By showing how propaganda works, the Living History Forum wants to equip the visitor's critical thinking and provide tools with which to detect manipulative messages. How do you handle the information flow yourself?

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 12.00–17.00 
Saturday: 12.00–16.00 
Sunday: closed

Guided tours in English

Between 28th of June and the 16th August we give guided tours in english every Wednesday at 14.00. For tours in Swedish, see information here.

An audioguide in english is coming soon.

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